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Nowadays, swimming pools are the attraction that many homes have. Because they are so popular, the price of the swimming pools decreased, so now, many people can afford them. The swimming pools are usually built because of the healthy lifestyle that people tend to lead in today's busy world. What's more, they are a great feature in your home that brings your home design to the next level. A house with a decorated garden and a pool is not only a nice place to live in, but also a great place to spend the time with your family and friends, make parties and organize a barbecue

Be aware!

Swimming pools are enriching your healthy lifestyle, home design and parties or events that you organize, but you must not neglect the hygiene of your swimming pool. Every pool has to be cleaned by using certain products that will prevent the transmission of some infectious diseases. If you don't keep the water clean, some kind of bacteria may develop in your pool that may harm you. When buying or constructing a pool, inform yourself well about the products that you'll need, in order to keep it clean.

Pool chemicals

Pool chemicals are sanitizers that are used, aside from sanitizing, for balancing the pH level of the water. If these chemicals are out of balance, they could harm people, so stick to the instructions or consult the experts. The chemicals that you will need in order to keep your swimming pool clean and the water bacteria-free are pool algaecides, pool balancers, pool enhancers, pool oxidizers, pool sanitizers, pool test kits and salt pool chemicals.

-Chlorine: It is very effective and not so expensive, so many people decide on buying it. It comes in tablets or granules. Chlorine destroys unwanted bacteria. For smaller swimming pools, chlorine is good, but when you consider a larger swimming pool, chlorine does a job, but poorly. The other disadvantage of chlorine is that it can have certain consequences, because if the pH level is out of balance it can damage your skin. Inform yourself about salt pool chlorinators. There are different types of alternative pool sanitizers that cost more money, but they reduce the necessary amount of chemicals in the pool or make them completely absent. An ozone system, a chlorine salt generator or an ionizing system can be one of your choices when the non-chemical sanitizers are in question.

-Algaecides: These chemicals are used only for solving a problem with algae, they don't kill bacteria. Because algae can release certain toxins, it is important to keep your pool algae-free. Algaecide is a quick and easy way to get rid of algae, prolong the life of water filtration system and it allows the owner to use less chlorine.

-pH balancers: Proper pH level in a swimming pool is very important. The optimum range of pH level in your swimming pool can vary from 7.0 to 7.6. This is the level where the chlorine efficiency is optimal. Depending on the pH level of your swimming pool, you should consider certain pH balancers, in order to prevent side effects. If the pH level is above 7.6, you will encounter some problems, like cloudy water in your swimming pools, burning red eyes and itchy skin. To prevent these issues, you should add certain kinds of acid directly to the bottom of the pool and lower the pH level. The most common acid used for lowering the pH level is hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid. The other forms of pH balancers are granular acid, sodium bisulfate or dry acid. On the other hand, if the pH level of your swimming pool is below 7.0, you should use a type of a pH balancer that will increase the PH level in your swimming pool, in order to prevent side effects, such as neutralization of the chlorine, corroding of the metal installations and other items in your pool (metal steps, heating pipes or different kinds of metal pipes) and the burning in the eyes. You can increase the pH level in your swimming pool by adding a pH increaser. However, what you should do first is to check whether the total alkalinity in your pool is normal. If the total alkalinity is not normal, you should adjust it by pouring the sodium bicarbonate and then you can add the necessary pH increaser.

-Pool cleaner chemicals: They are used in order to not only prevent bacteria and germs to spread all over your swimming pool, but also to remove corrosion and the rust from the pool filters. Some chemicals are used to enhance the effect of others and that is the case with cyanuric acid. This chemical enhances the effect of chlorine by stabilizing and conditioning the amount of chlorine in your swimming pool. It protects the chlorine from negative effect of the sun's ultra-violet rays. Because of the chlorine capability of binding with other chemicals, you should shock the pool occasionally, in order to prevent these bindings that can damage your health.

-Pool enhancers: They are very important and every pool owner should have them because they are used for preventing skin damage that may be caused by the water or chemicals.

-Oxidizers: One of the ways to prevent chlorine binding with other chemicals is certainly oxidation. Oxidizers remove these kinds of unwanted chemicals and prevent irritation of the skin or the eyes and different kinds of diseases. Oxidizers also prevent the smell that chlorine, bound with other chemicals in the water, produces by neutralizing and removing the unwanted chemicals in your swimming pool.

All these products will help you to keep your swimming pool clean and bacteria free. However, the pool should be covered with a solar blanket in order to keep the heat under, prevent evaporation and pollution. The pool must be cleaned of leaves and other stuff that can be found in it, because all the dirt in there can grow certain bacteria that can harm you.

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