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by Pool Builders on 03-10-2011 in Articles

Owning a swimming pool brings a family together and memories for a lifetime. However, it comes with the responsibility of regular swimming pool maintenance.

Some swimming pool chores have to be done daily, weekly and monthly to maintain a healthy pool.

It is easier to keep up with regular swimming pool maintenance than to pay for repairs due to negligence. With a little organization and time each of the following duties will help save you money and keep a healthy pool balance.


  • • Skim debris from pool
    The good news is that there is only one thing to do every day. Doing this will prevent your pump, filter and motor from working extra hard if there is too much buildup after a few days.


  • Test the pH and adjust
  • Check water level and adjust
  • Clean skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Brush the pool and concentrate on the tile
    Keeping proper water balance is the foundation to extending the life of your pools water. Do not make the mistake of solely relying on your pools filter and pump equipment.


  • Clean your salt cell or chlorinator
  • Backwash and thoroughly clean your filter
  • Stabilize your water using salt or stabilizer

Doing these three things monthly will help maintain your pool in tip top condition by operating correctly and keeping a sanitary environment.

Following these basic daily, weekly, and monthly duties will help make your swimming pool a more enjoyable asset. However, forgetting to do them will cause problems that could turn out to be costly.

If you feel that your life is too hectic make sure that you hire a professional to keep your pool properly cleaned and balanced.

Here at Pool Sharks, our professionals have the right training and years of experience that are sure to provide you with the service that you expect.

If you would like more information regarding our swimming pool maintenance contracts, please contact us by phone, email, or our contact page.

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