Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide  

by Pool Builders on 08-03-2010 in Articles

With the arrival of summer, everyone wants to go for a swim in the pool. Should you be lucky enough to have your own swimming pool you should be thankful. However, as a swimming pool owner, there is a certain amount of swimming pool maintenance training necessary on order to help you keep your swimming pool cool, clean, and good for you.

Regardless of how often you use your swimming pool it needs regular swimming pool maintenance. Usually this starts out with a good cleaning. The reason for this is that the swimming pool is exposed to falling leaves, debris, and rain. These things expose swimmers to waterborne illnesses such as cholera and dysentery, contaminate the swimming pool water, and attract bacteria. In addition there are always the problems of pool staining due to algae growth. However, with a little swimming pool maintenance you can immediately correct these problems.

Here are a few ways that you can do proper swimming pool maintenance:

Maintain the Proper Levels of Bromine or Chlorine.
One popular method of sanitizing your swimming pool is to add chlorine to it. Chlorine is a chemical that may be put directly in the water by means of a feeder. Chlorine is important for proper swimming pool maintenance since it removes algae and kills bacteria and therefore cleans the pool water completely. As opposed to chlorine, bromine may be used, and is a favorite of swimmers who don't like the smell of chlorine.

Make Sure That the Pool is Free From Debris
Swimming pool maintenance includes checking and clearing your pool's skimmer basket at least twice each week. Swimming pool maintenance equipment like a net or a surface skimmer may be utilized to remove bird droppings, leaves and other debris from the surface of the swimming pool.

Routine Dirt Removal on Both the Bottom and Sides of the Swimming Pool
Any dirt that should accumulate on the side and bottom of your swimming pool can be removed with the use of a brush. Following the brushing, you may also want to vacuum your swimming pool. However, prior to connecting your filter and vacuum, your vacuum head and hose should be first be immersed in the pool water.

After you have a swimming pool installed, you and your entire family are going to want to go for a swim. However, eventually the water will have a strong smell of chlorine and the water that was once clear will eventually turn cloudy. These are signs that it is time to clean the swimming pool. There are pool maintenance procedures and equipment that you should be aware of.

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