Swimming Pool Maintenance Schedule - How to Keep Your Pool in Good Condition

by Pool Builders on 02-10-2011 in Articles

So you have your nice new swimming pool installed and all is well, but to keep your pool in good condition you will need to establish a pool maintenance routine and stick to. At the start this may seem tiresome and you may wonder why you have to keep checking pH levels, Chlorine and Alkalinity, as well as water hardness. Well you have to do this for a good reason, as any one of these if left unchecked, and hence untreated for any short period of time can ruin the water quality of your pool.

It is much easier to maintain a crystal clear pool than it is trying to clean up a dirty one. Prevention is far easier than cure, as the saying goes, and this is particularly true of a swimming pool.

The first thing I would say is that each pool will have its own demands and needs with regards to maintenance, as a pool that is in use daily by a large family will need more regular checks than one that is only used by one or two of you every few days. So you will need to "Get to know your pool" over a period of time, at the start this maybe daunting but with practice you will get a "Feel" for it.

A sample swimming pool maintenance schedule should be along the following guidelines: -

Test the water daily for pH, Alkalinity, and Chlorine. Add chemicals to adjust the levels only after carrying out all the other tasks below.

Remove all plant debris (leaves etc) using your net skimmer. This is important as if allowed to build up they can rapidly block your water filter.

Clean all baskets, skimmers and water filters at least twice a week.

Use a pool vacuum to remove and dirt or debris that has settled at the bottom of the swimming pool.

Use a suitable brush to remove any dirt, stains or algae growth from the sides of your pool.

Establishing a pool maintenance routine like the once above will help keep your swimming pool nice and clean.

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