Swimming Pool Maintenance - Stay On Top of It

by Pool Builders on 09-07-2010 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can help create the perfect summer with plenty of opportunities for relaxing times by the pool and give you a chance to get out of the summer heat without hiding in an air-conditioned home all day to stay cool. Plus swimming pools are popular accessories that can make your backyard a really fun place to hang out.

Of course no one wants to think about the maintenance that must go into the pool to keep it so sparkly blue and inviting, but maintaining your pool's water is vital not only for your enjoyment but for your health as well. A pool that is not properly maintained can have cloudy water, green discolored water and algae build up. Algae is a plant that feeds bacteria and as algae grows in your pool so does the bacteria level. This can eventually led to water that is contaminated. Water that smells bad and tastes bad is not really inviting to jump into on a hot summer day, and can cause health problems including diarrhea. If these problems are left untreated long enough, the pool walls and floor will become stained and it will certainly cost more to clean up at that point than preventive maintenance would have cost in the first place.

Many first time swimming pool owners assume that the key to a healthy pool is a lot of chlorine. And if you can smell the chlorine, the pool must be clean, right? Actually the opposite is true. Ironically if you can smell the chlorine, this means the pool water is not as clean as it may look and you need to take a look at the pool's pH levels. Your pH levels should never be above 8.0, and it is easy to stay on top of this with regular water check ups twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter.

If you can keep your levels in the right range, your swimming pool won't smell like bleach, and you won't suffer from burning red eyes every time you take a dip from the excessive chlorine in the water. By keeping track of your water levels you should be able to have a clean, inviting pool that you can't wait to jump into after a hard day's work.

Regular maintenance can help you keep everything balanced, clean and inviting for those summer pool parties, and it doesn't have to be a major ordeal to do. Regular brushing of your pool walls will help reduce the ability for algae to form in the first place as will regular filter cleanings.

Your swimming pool should be a place to relax and have fun and it only takes a little preventive maintenance to make that dream a reality.

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