Swimming Pool Maintenance Through Winter And Into Spring

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2009 in Articles

When the warm weather starts, there are different things you need to do to a pool than when the weather is cold and there is minimal or no use. Taking a few easy steps at the appropriate time can prevent expensive problems later.


When pool use tapers off and cold weather is coming, put anti-freeze in all the water lines after they are drained. Be sure to drain the water to below the level indicated for freezing.

A heavy duty cover designed for the pool should be used to keep out debris and leaves and lessen algae growth. A shock treatment with 10 times the customary chlorine is good to do before closing down the pool. Don't forget to disconnect the pump and drain the filter. Before putting them away this is a good time to test and clean any ladders, ropes of diving boards.


For safety be sure the pool is protected so that small children are safe if they walk in during the times when no one is nearby.


For a well maintained pool, the balance of swimming pool chemicals is the key factor. Balance covers the correct amount of chemicals, correct ph and alkaline balance, appropriate water movement and also cleaning. Make sure you keep the water balance well during all seasons, this minimises the need for chemical use which is of course much healthier for swimmers.


1. In the spring when it's time to open the pool again, first clean off the pool cover and pack it away make sure it is dry.

2. Drain the pipes of anti-freeze

3. Inspect the filters to make sure they are clean.

4. Fill the pool to the normal level then shock it with chlorine (tablets or granules), cleanse it with a brush and vacuum it.

5. It is good to filter and vacuum for a few days to remove any algae that has formed when the pool was not used.

6. To get the maximum effect add the chlorine at night after testing the water to make sure the chorine level is correct and the ph is between 7.0 and 7.6.


For pleasurable swimming it is primary to have good pool maintenance. Pool chemical levels are an essential part of this. Inflammation can be caused by both too much and too little chlorine. To keep the water clean at different times of the year it is essential to use care appropriate to the weather conditions.

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