Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips   by James keyes

by Pool Builders on 08-03-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool in your own back yard is fun in every sense of the word. In the good old summertime it is only natural that many people want to go for a swim. However, in order to prevent you and your friends swimming activities from being spoiled, you need to perform routine home swimming pool maintenance. If you do the swimming pool maintenance yourself you will save the expense of hiring someone else to do the swimming pool maintenance for you.

Here are some swimming pool maintenance tips that you should perform routinely to ensure that your swimming pool is clean and sanitary for frequent use:

Make Sure That the Levels of Chlorine in Your Swimming Pool are Balanced.

How often the level of chlorine in your swimming pool needs to be balanced depends on how frequently it is used. You also have to consider the weather when you balance your swimming pools level of chlorine.

The addition of chlorine in the water of your swimming pool is an important part of swimming pool maintenance since chlorine helps to keep your pool free from the bacteria that live in the water. Chlorine can be added through a chlorine feeder or by hand.

Always Maintain the Appropriate pH Level in Your Swimming Pool.
If you have too much acidity in your swimming pool it can lead to pipe corrosion which may result in more expense for swimming pool maintenance.

For swimming pool maintenance, you should keep to a pH level of that is in between 7 and 8. If your pH level drops below 7 or goes higher than 8 when measured, the water quality is poor.

Remove the Algae in Your Swimming Pool.
Good swimming pool maintenance means that you prevent or kill the algae growth in your swimming pool. One indication that there is algae' growing in the pool water is that the water in the pool will turn green in color. Pool water that id algae free is blue in color. You can kill the algae with an algae inhibitor that can usually be purchases from retailers that sell pool supplies.

Routinely Clean Your Swimming Pool Filters.
It is important that you clean your swimming pools filters regularly. When your swimming pools filters are clean it means you will enjoy clearer swimming pool water.

Swimming pool maintenance is easy for the average homeowner to do and is very cost efficient. By following the above swimming pool maintenance tips, you will never have to suffer from waterborne health problems and cloudy pool water.

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