Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips - Making Your Pool Clean and Inviting

by Pool Builders on 02-19-2010 in Articles

Indeed, it is fun to have that swimming pool ready especially during summer, but don't let that cloudy waters and residue spoil your summer fun. Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool is a must to be able to enjoy its benefits fully and avoid problems such as eye irritation or discoloration of your clothes and the general uncomfortable feeling that you may get from a swimming pool not properly maintained.

For some swimming pool maintenance tips, here are a few that you can do to maintain and enjoy a great and safe swimming pool.

- Balance your chlorine levels according to how frequent your swimming pool is used, considering the weather conditions as well. Chlorine is added to sanitize the water and to make it clean from bacteria and microorganisms that can thrive in the waters and may cause sickness.

Maintaining an acidity from around 7.4 to 7.6 pH is desirable in swimming pools as this level of acidity does not hurt the eyes of the swimmers and will not allow the water to corrode the pipes. Keep in mind that having a pH below 7 or above 8 can cause problems to the quality of the water as well as the swimmers.

Keep in mind the proper adding of chlorine to the water. Not properly adding the chemical can cause to have slimy portions of the pool.

Stop algae from making your pool green. If you are getting green waters in your pool instead of the blue one, you may be having algae. To avoid this, find an algae inhibitor to keep algae out and prevent thousand other types of algae from thriving in the waters.

One of the swimming pool maintenance tips to also keep in mind is to shock it. It is important to shock your pool frequently if it is used heavily always, or after big rains or if it is exposed from long periods of hot weather. Shocking your pool can help you avoid bacteria and waste build up from frequent use and other contaminants. Shocking raises the chlorine to higher levels to kill any kind of bacteria or microorganism in the water. You can however readily purchase pool shockers in the market and ask guidance from experts on what type is suitable for your pool, as there are also shockers intended for non-chlorinated waters.

Clean your filters. This may sound easy but make sure you do this regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the water and make sure also to replace its sand and earth after two to three years to ensure a its effectiveness. It also helps to manually clean those areas in that may not be reached by the filters. You can either use a pool vacuum to make the task easy or manually brush those corners to clean them.

Maintaining a pool may not look like easy but with a great guide and a few swimming pool maintenance tips that offers suggestions on cleaning your pool, it will eventually be easy.

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