Swimming Pool Maintenance - Tips to Maintain Healthy Water  

by Pool Builders on 05-28-2014 in Articles

If you have a swimming pool in your building or in your house then you are a lucky one because you can spend leisure hours enjoying the water with family and friends. But do you know that proper maintenance of pool is highly important. Maintaining a swimming pool is not difficult if you are aware of some important points to have safe family fun in pool. Here are a few things that you must know.

1. Chlorine kills bacteria in water thus it is very important that the water is chlorinated on regular basis. There are many kinds of chlorine available in the market. They come in liquid form in bottles, as tablets and also in stick form. The composition used in all the form is same but the percentage used will be different. Before you buy one for your pool you must determine the pH level of the water.

2. The alkalinity and the calcium level of water should also be regularly checked. In the summer months when pools are used more you must check the level at least twice a week whereas in winter it can be just once a week.

3. The dirt that you can see floating on the surface of the water should be skimmed on regular basis. You must try to do it every day or as and when it is seen floating.

4. Pump, the drainage pipe and even motor must be checked at least once a week. If you find any kind of clogging then immediate cleaning is necessary.

5. Maintaining water level in the pool is as important as cleaning it.

6. Any kind of chemical for cleaning the water, like chlorine should not be used during the day time. If you use it in the evening then the effect will be more.

7. Make sure that the floor and the walls of your pool are clean. You can also empty the pool and scrub the tiles to ensure that there are no algae. If these algae are ignored then it might grow and cover the entire pool and make the water look dirty. Once the algae becomes stubborn you will need experts help to remove it

8. Proper circulation in water is important and to maintain the level you must make sure to use the pump properly.

9. You can also take experts help who will inspect the water chemistry and help you have clean and healthy water in the pool.

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