Swimming Pool Maintenance - Top Tips on Cost Effective Methods

by Pool Builders on 09-22-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool maintenance is one of the most important tasks of the pool owners. They can never avoid this if they want their swimming area to be beautiful and attractive. Maintaining the pool can be cheap as well as expensive. There are certain methods of cleaning the area which are quite cost effective.

It is better not to go for the very expensive methods because you need to perform the maintenance work at least every week. There are different kind of maintenance work, some of then needs to done per week while the others need to be done every month. The first thing which is very important is the balance of the water.

The swimming pool maintenance should mean that the level of chlorine, ph as well as alkalinity is perfect in the water. Other than this you must also maintain the sand filters present in the pool. This kind of filter is generally used to trap those elements which are of 20 to 100 microns in their size. You must make sure that these filters are back flushed every week.

Other than this, there are some more filters found in the swimming pool. Swimming pool maintenance also means the cleaning of all these filters. The other two most important filters which require maintenance are the De filters and the cartridge filters. You can even use any one of these filters for your pool.

To maintain the pool you need to get rid of the algae that grow easily on the water. The chlorine is usually used to kill the algae so make sure the level of chlorine does not fall below 1.0PPM. Other than the water you also need to maintain the pump. Make sure that the pump is free of any kind of debris.

Other than this you must also take care that you do not put any spray or provide any lubricant in and around the pump. Vacuums as well as sweepers are the other cost effective ways of swimming pool maintenance. So try out one of the cost effective ways and maintain the pool with success.

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