Swimming Pool Maintenance - Your Pool Water Level

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2014 in Articles

Having a swimming pool can be a complete luxury especially during the hot months. You want to have a pool that is crystal clear and ready to jump into at a moment's notice. This is why swimming pool maintenance is important and why you need to know about your pool water level.

Swimming pool maintenance comes in many different forms. One of the big aspects that you need to make sure you have under control is the pools water. The water level needs to be kept at a regular height. Due to rain and heat the level can either decrease or increase. When this happens your pool can become seriously affected. There is a need to keep the water at a constant level to make sure that the pumps and your Kreepy Krawley work properly. When it is too high the pumps cannot pull the debris towards the pool sock or skimmer. If this continues your pool will end up resembling something more like a swamp than its original form.

Having a low water level is also a problem. When it is too low it will also affect the pumps and skimmer. If the level is lower than that of the pumps and skimmer, air will be sucked into the system. This air could cause issues within the motor causing it to burn out if the air continues to get sucked in. Keeping an eye on your water level will help you to avoid these issues.

A mandatory aspect of swimming pool maintenance is backwashing the pool. During the backwashing process your pools water will decrease. Once you have backwashed the pool make sure to check the level and if it needs to be filled up, simply use your hose pipe to fill it up to the correct level. Even your Kreepy Krawley can affect the level. A rule of thumb to avoid issues is to always keep an eye on the water, if it is too high you can do a backwash, too low fill it up with water from your hose.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the PH level of your pool. If you do not have a salt water pool than you need to make sure that your pool's PH is correct. To high and you could end up hurting yourself or your family while you are swimming, due to the acidity, too low and your pool will begin to turn green. You can easily buy PH tests to check your pools balance and make the necessary changes where possible. This could simply mean increasing or decreasing the amount of chlorine you are using in your pool.

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