Swimming Pool Owners - Why Did Your Swimming Pool Go Green?

by Pool Builders on 07-11-2007 in Articles

Summer is in full swing and the heat is turning up. For millions there is no better way to combat the heat and have lots of fun and exercise than to go for a swim. And with the wide variety and low prices of swimming pools manufactured in recent years, many of these people only have to visit their own backyard for a swim. Unfortunately, many of these would-be swimmers approach the pool and realize that the water has turned green. This problem will certainly put a damper on what would have otherwise been a fun day.

So what is it that turns a swimming pool full of clean, clear, cool water into a yucky, swamp-looking mass of nastiness? Green swimming pool water is almost always caused by green algae. Green algae enters the pool by various means including wind and rain and begins to multiply very quickly, especially on warm, sunny days.

Green algae is allowed to thrive in swimming pool water because of a chemical imbalance present within the water. This chemical imbalance can be the result of heavy rainfall, long periods of hot weather, improper filtration, or improper chemical treatment.

While there is no direct threat to swimmers from green algae, it can harbor other organisms that can be harmful such as various species of bacteria. Another potential safety hazard is that green pool water makes it difficult to see under the water. This can be a problem if there are any objects in the pool that can cause harm or if someone needs to be rescued. While these are important reasons not to swim under these conditions, the bottom line is that it is simply unpleasant swimming in a pool full of green algae.

Other than safety issues involved with a swimming pool full of green algae, there are other concerns as well. If not treated, green algae can clog pool filters and the pool's plumbing. This will increase the level of maintenance to the pool, which is more costly and time consuming.

Swimming is supposed to be a fun activity enjoyed by people of all ages. As long as the water is clean and clear, it can be a great way to enjoy the summer heat and get some great exercise. But when the pool water has turned green from the presence of algae, any hopes of having fun are quickly dissipated. And while green algae is not an immediate threat, it can cause problems for swimmers and equipment alike.

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