Swimming Pool Ownership - What You Need Besides the Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-09-2011 in Articles

If you own your own swimming pool, or if you are thinking of installing an outdoor pool, you will have a number of items of functional equipment that are necessary to support the pool and its water.

If you are budgeting for a swimming-pool, then these items need to be added to the "buy" list. All are essential if you want clean warm water and the ability to swim throughout the different seasons of the year.

What do you need - the supporting cast

Swimming in your own yard or garden is a real luxury, but this activity can be hindered in many regions by cold seasonal weather. This cool weather can make the thought of swimming unappealing, however all of that will change if you have a water heater.

A pool heater is an important necessity in many regions as it can increase water's temperature to pleasant swimming and bathing levels. Modern heater options are extensive and include solar power, boilers and condenser boilers, heat exchangers and even electric heaters. Not all of these options will suit every pool, and different heaters have different power outputs and varying levels of temperature control, but there is a solution for every situation.

In order for a heater to work effectively its heat needs to be evenly distributed throughout the water. For this to happen the warm water needs to circulate around the pool and this is achieved using a pump. Swimming pool pumps force the water from the heater to the pool, and then back again in a continual re-circulating motion. This ensures that there are no cold spots in the water and that a balanced temperature is maintained.

Having warm water is one thing, but the water also needs to be clean and free from dirt, particles and debris. For this a water filter is required. These special filters can remove all kinds of impurities as the water is passed through their filtration system.

There are three different kinds of water filter and they are based on sand, cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Each has different advantages and disadvantages, but sand is the most popular (and the cheapest) for most medium sized garden pools. The way that the filter works (i.e. is powered) is by the water being forced through it by the pump. These two components work together.

Aside from the heater, pump and filter, another vital swimming pool component is the wall and floor lining. This makes up a continuous waterproof membrane that covers the entire internal surface of the tank or concrete construction. It protects the constructed surface and adds colour and a professional finish to the completed project.

There are two different types of lining, the first being tiles and mortar sealed with a water repellent grout, and the second option being a single piece vinyl liner. These heavy duty liners are made in standard sizes and are also available as custom makes to the precise measurements of a client.

Vinyl liners are cheaper than tiles and grout and they can be fitted in a fraction of the time that it takes a wet trade to tile a pool.


The previous components are all integral parts of the swimming environment and its machinery but, in addition, further cleaning and heat conservation equipment is required.

Cleaning equipment includes either manual or automated vacuum pumps to suck dirt and debris from the water, plus brushes and nets to loosen and catch some larger items. Fully automated cleaners are available and they can clean the floor surface and suck up debris simply by running their automated program. These robot cleaners are popular for regular use swimming environments.

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