Swimming Pool Products to Make Your Pool Safer and Cleaner

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2012 in Articles

A dirty swimming pool is an eyesore and it is unhealthy and unsafe. Swimming pool products designed to keep the pool in peak condition include pumps and filters, automated vacuums, and cleaning chemicals. Regular use of these keeps pool water sparkling clean, just waiting for someone to swim in it. Pool owners should give their pool a thorough cleaning before anyone plans to take a dip.

Pumps are designed for either in or aboveground pools, so be sure to purchase the correct one. The pump is a key component of the pool filtering system. If it is not working properly, the filtering system will not work and the pool water will become very dirty. Some filters switch between horizontal and vertical discharge with just the flip of a switch. Most are self-priming, so they automatically fill with water when activated. Pool size and number of gallons filtered per hour determine the proper horsepower of the pump.

When the pump is turned on, its motor drives an impeller, pulling the water into the vacuum chamber. This water then travels through a cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth filtering system. After the system cleans it, the water is pushed back into the pool. In a low-pressure situation, the system must be backwashed, which involves redirecting the water flow to the bottom of the filter until it runs clean. Once the valves are redirected once again, the pump again begins pulling water though the filtering system.

Cartridge filters offer more effective filtration in a compact design and eliminate the need for backwashing. Sand filters feature the latest technology and deliver balanced backwashing. Some sand filters can be made more effective with the addition of a zeolite mineral. This replaces the sand to reduce backwashing, eye burning, odor, and chloramines. It is environmentally safe and saves both water and energy.

Automatic pool cleaners make vacuuming the pool ancient history. Different models are created for above and in-ground pools but each cleans the floor and walls of the pool without human assistance. Dirt, debris, insects, leaves, and even large objects like pebbles and twigs are removed. Some models automatically dislodge themselves from ladders, corners, and steps so there is no need to keep an eye on them. Versions that feature a self-adjusting water control valve are excellent for low horsepower pumps.

Salt chlorinators eliminate the need to handle and store dangerous chlorine. These units convert salt into chlorine that is used to destroy algae and bacteria and is then converted back to salt for reuse. Automatic and continuous sanitizing of water eliminates the chance of unhealthy low or high levels of chlorine. In addition, pure chlorine is more efficient against algae and bacteria.

Pool purifiers use natural minerals to create clear, pure water. When these substances are used, the chlorine level can be reduced up to 80 percent. Lower chlorine concentrations mean less dry skin, burning eyes, and harsh odors. Swimmers will enjoy their experience more and the pool owner only needs to replace the cartridge once a year.

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