Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 06-21-2010 in Articles

"Maintenance of pool pumps is a Herculean task!" Hm....it looks like you are not following the right method. In fact, securing 4 parts intact will do the trick. Once you understand that and learn how to do that, then this Herculean task will become as easy as A, B, C.

So let us discuss more about those 4 parts that can insure smooth functioning of your swimming pool pump.

1. Skimmer Box: The common problem associated with pumps is air sucking. If you can ensure that the water level of your pool is at least half way up the skimmer box, you can nullify this menacing problem of pump sucking air. Many users think that after all it is air, so what damage can it do to the pump. They are grossly wrong! If your swimming pool pump continuously sucks air for a prolonged period of time, it can entirely damage your pump.

2. Skimmer Basket: Taking due care of skimmer basket is a very effective method of maintenance. The ideal way is to clean the skimmer basket every day. However, this is easier said than done. Many people do not have the time and patience to do it daily; that is the truth. Therefore, only those living in a very windy area or where there are lot of trees and leaves need to clean the skimmer basket on a daily basis. Others can do it twice a week. A clean skimmer basket goes a long way in ensuring proper maintenance of pool pumps.

3. Pump Filters: Check and clean your pump filters at least once in a fortnight. Debris gathered near the filter can damage your pump forever. Backwashing your filter is also an effective method to guarantee a perfect condition.

4. O-ring: This is another important tip. What many users do is that they clean only one side of the O-ring. Both surfaces of the O-ring should be cleaned. It would be a wise idea to apply an approved lubricant to the O-ring to ensure smooth functioning.

Look out for danger signs from the swimming pool pump. These warning signs include small leaks, noisy pump, violent jerking, and so on. In such situations, don't try to do maintenance on your own. These problems require expert attention. What you are expected to do as part of maintenance is to look for the warning signs and act wisely.

Now, are you ready to eat your words that pool pump maintenance is a daunting task?

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