Swimming Pool Pumps - Facts You Need To Know

by Pool Builders on 04-12-2011 in Articles

Owning that well designed swimming pool at home is not complete without a good pump to keep it clean and free from harmful organisms. The pool pump serves as the heart of your pool. It keeps algae at bay, thus maintaining a clean, blue color of your pool.

When you buy your pump, you should not be amazed when you see a wide array of sizes, shapes, designs as well as varying capacities and features on the market. Bear in mind that the size of the machine does not determine its effectiveness in cleaning up your pool. The bigger pump does not mean it's always better. Make sure, however, that you should consider the style and size of the product as each brand and model has specific sizes, designs and styles.

Majority of pool pump products indicate their capacity. Take note of the capacity because each pump has its particular size of pool to work for. Knowing the area of your swimming pool before you buy a product is greatly advised as you will be asked by the seller of the size when you look for a particular product. Get the one that can do the job of pumping water in your pool either hourly or minute. If you are not sure about which product to get, ask the seller.

Take note as well that all pumps have a filter or straining basket that is used to catch debris such as sticks, leaves, toys or anything that is left in your pool. These baskets have different shapes and sizes as well. You can choose to get a see-through basket so that you can see if it has been clogged with debris.

Most buyers of pumps take into consideration the energy efficiency rating of the product. This is important to factor in when you select one because you can save up on electric consumption with an energy-efficient product. Most expensive products, though, are more efficient than cheap ones. It would be wise to invest in a pool pump that is rather expensive than one that is cheap but it can't last longer for pool cleaning purposes.

Buying a great pool pump is useless when you have an inefficient filtration system. Before you get one that can last long, make sure that your filtration system is not defective. Bear in mind that good water circulation is what a pump can only give to your pool to make it clean and clear.

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