Swimming Pool Pumps and Filter Systems

by Pool Builders on 04-09-2008 in Articles

No matter your set up, every swimming pool you own (with the exception of a kiddie wading pool of course) will require a pump and filter system. You need to be able to make the right choice in these areas because you do not want to be under serviced or buy something that is way too big for your operation.

A pump for the swimming pool has one chief responsibility: circulate the water. The pump circulates the pool water through a heating and filtration unit in an efficient manner at a low-energy cost to you. In order to have a cheap running pump you need to choose one that is right for the size of your pool. That is the only way to achieve low cost for the pump.

Many feel that pool maintenance is an easy job but that is not the case. There is a lot more involved then skimming the top of the water of leaves and other debris. More involved then just assembling a couple parts to a pump - there needs to be a correct flow to the water or else the pump is useless. And you want an optimized running pump. Prior to purchasing a pump you should keep in mind that the pump has to be able to work with your size of pool - If you follow that one bit of advice you cannot fail.

Even really efficient pumps can use a ton of energy - nearly on the same scale as a home air conditioning unit. The only way to avoid over extending your electric bill is by purchasing a pump that is best suited for your size of pool. First thing you need to do is make sure that the capacity of the pump matches your pool volume. If you need to conserve energy you can place most pumps on a timer so you can better regulate the power usage for optimum times of day.

Not many pump brands come close to the performance of Hayward Pool Supply. They have been in the swimming pool pump business for 80 years and are still growing and going strong. They also make filtration systems as well which only need minor maintenance, such as cleaning the filter every month.

Intex Pool Supplies is a specialist in recreation pools and has been for over 40 years. If it has to do with pools and fun then Intex makes it and makes it very well too. They make great inflatable products and pools, swimming gear, toys and more.

I cannot stress this enough: size matters. You do not want a filtration system or a pool water pump that is not rated for the volume of water that your pool has. If you have a unit that is too small it will not be effective and cannot do what it is meant to do. You will wind up burning the unit out which will do you no good at all or, at the very least, it will do a very inadequate job and will work harder and waste more money in electric. Same thing goes with buying a pump and filter that is far greater than you need - it is a waste of money and power and will not guarantee a cleaner pool.

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