Swimming Pool Purchase - Yes Or No?

by Pool Builders on 02-04-2009 in Articles

Buying a swimming pool is a very expensive and subjective process. This Article describes how I would make up my mind on whether to install a swimming pool or not. It is a personal view but you may find the underlying thought processes useful. 

The first thing I would do is disregard all the tosh that most pool installers trot out about quality family time, the tranquility of water, stress relief, etc and look at the real positive reasons for having a pool;

  •  What it will look like in the garden
  •  The Exercise thing
  • For the kids to play in
  •  For a reason not to go out (to the beach, shops etc)
  •  The effect on the value of the property 

And the negative reasons;

  • What it will look like
  • The work involved in running a pool
  • Being over-run by your kids friends during evenings and week-ends
  • The sterilisation of part of the garden or backyard
  • Running costs
  • The depreciation of the value of the pool components 

The first thing you will notice is that purchase cost does not come into the equation - if you cannot afford a pool forget about it - very cheap pools are just a way of burning money. 

You will also notice that "What it will look like" is listed on both the positives and negatives. This comes back to a basic fact that often "the devil is in the detail". Planning a pool to get it right needs a lot of thought and as a consequence the appearance issue can be negative or positive. So if you cannot get the detail right without a lot of cost and effort perhaps the project should be abandoned. 

The interesting thing about the reasons given above is that you might come to different conclusions about buying a pool depending on whether you live full time at the house or if it is a holiday home. 

In my view if it was a holiday home I would economise on everything else in order to have a pool because: 

  •  Holidays are for relaxation - not for driving about visiting the beach
  • The problem of visiting children would not exist
  • I would be very confident of getting my money back by selling the house to another holiday home buyer because every holiday home buyer wants a pool
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance would be quite a pleasant change from the normal routine
  • I would be able to get some cash from renting the holiday home to friends and relatives
  • Pool running costs are quite low when it is not in constant use
  • Its nice to sit around and have a few drinks 

On the other hand if I lived full time at the property:

  • I would not use the pool for exercise
  • The pool cleaning work could become quite a chore
  • I would rather look at trees and grass than a pool in the garden
  • The running costs would irritate me
  • There is no cash incentive from renting
  • My kids friends would be with us every evening and week-end in the summer
  • It would be a pain carting drinks and food back and forth from the pool
  • I would be worried about the effect on the value of the house because lots of people hate pools

These all add up to quite substantial reasons for not having a pool at my full time residence .

So for me the answer is easy;

Holiday Home - Get the pool installed as quickly as possible

Permanent Home - It's not worth the hassle

Will Witt


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