Swimming Pool Renovation Gets Your Party Started  

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2011 in Articles

A swimming pool renovation can turn an old boring backyard into a tropical oasis just right for parties. If you have an older home with an existing pool, it's probably nowhere near as luxurious and beautiful as it could be. It's most likely just a rectangle with no features besides the water. The landscaping might just be grass and a fence. Boring! You can transform your ho hum suburban backyard into an island paradise with a savvy contractor and some imagination. Here are some things to think about:


- Shape: Rectangle set in cement.

- Features: Water. If you're really lucky, there may also be a small diving board.

- Landscaping: Grass and a few shrubs. There is a cement slab patio off the back door.

- Party props: People bring their towels and sit on the cement or in the grass. Occasionally, you bring your boom box with an extension cord and play the radio.


- Shape: The contractor knocks out the cement border and expands the rectangle into a geometric extravaganza with a built in hot tub. Cool decking surrounds the new modernized perimeter and there's plenty of room for patio tables, lounges and deck chairs.

- Features: On top of expanding upon the shape, your builder has added a water feature with faux stonework. You can now watch and hear the waterfall which is beautiful, soothing and provides Feng shui tropical ambiance. The regular trickle of H2O also keeps the water temperatures cooler and more refreshing. Colored recessed lights were set into the bottom and at night, you can turn them on to set the island mood.

- Landscaping: Palm trees, flowering bushes such as bougainvillea, agapanthus and geraniums are planted all around the yard as well as in pots. There are wind chimes hanging from the trees and fairy lights twinkle from the fence. A deck with a cover has been built off the backdoor which has become the perfect place to dine outdoors and barbecue on the new smoker grill. A cabana has also been built off the deck which is a great place to change clothes, store beach towels and let overnight guests stay. You've outfitted it with rattan furnishings and a Hawaiian print futon.

- Party props: A sound system was installed so that you can pipe music on to the patio from the house. Speakers are mounted under the patio cover. Chinese lanterns, Tiki torches surround and a plastic shed is full of pool toys including rafts, fins, foam noodles, waterproof volleyball and basketball sets, rubber duckies and more. On the porch there is a Polynesian wooden bar with plastic beverage holders, paper umbrellas, an ice bucket and colorful straws. Sea shells are everywhere as part of the motif.

Before, you had a boring rectangle that hardly ever saw any action. After, you have a modern geometric shape with a waterfall, hot tub, and lush island-like landscaping surrounding. Attractive and comfortable cool decking has replaced the scratchy cement. There are places to sit, swim, play, dance, eat and party down for all of your family members and guests. After your swimming pool renovation, you'll be able to get that party started.

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