Swimming Pool Renovation Like a Pro

by Pool Builders on 02-13-2013 in Articles

So your pool needs renovating? Like any large project, breaking your renovation down into manageable chunks makes the job a whole lot easier, while improving the end result. Before any work is even started though, its important to know what you want the end product to look like. Your local stone tile supplier is a good place to start, as they can give you finishing ideas, which will complement your house. A renovated pool will last longer than a new one, due to the fact that the pool has settled and any new surfaces, provided they have been applied correctly, should last in excess of 20 years.

1. Preparation of the interior

All surfaces of the pool must be removed or 'roughened' to make for a better surface for the new pool pebble to stick or adhere to. This process is VERY labour intensive and despite the messy appearance of the pool, it is a crucial step in making sure your new swimming pool interior adheres even better than the existing one.

2. Preparation of the coping

If the swimming pool requires a fresh coping, the existing coping is removed and prepared for a new coping tile, which can be as similar or as different as the client requires. Generally the bedding that the tile is fixed to is also removed to allow a fresh bed to be laid.

3. Installation of new coping and waterline

This step combines multiple sub steps, which include:

The bedding of the swimming pool shell to provide a flat surface to work on.

If the pool is to use a waterline, the area where the waterline is applied must be rendered first.

The coping can then be applied using a suitable tile adhesive.

The waterline tile can be applied.

4. Installation of new interior

The interior of the swimming pool is cleaned with acid to remove any loose surfaces and etch the existing surface to aid adhesion.

A slurry is then applied which further aids adhesion and stops the interior going 'drummy'

The interior is then applied by machine and trowled by hand.

The interior, once partially set, it pressure washed to lightly expose the stone/glass.

The interior is then left for a minimum of 10 hours to cure.

5. Acid wash and refill

The swimming pool is acid washed.

Once the acid has been washed out, the pool is refilled.

The swimming pool is then tested and balanced over the course of a week.

The pool is now ready to use!

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