Swimming Pool Restoration - What You Need To Know To Renovate Your Old Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-16-2012 in Articles

Have you purchased a new home with an old swimming pool? Or, perhaps your existing pool has lost its appeal and needs a facelift? You can restore concrete swimming pools without tearing them out and starting over. These pools can last a long time but often the interior plaster, pool paint and tiles end up showing their age, creating a less-than-inviting place to cool off and relax with family and friends.

Benefits of Renovating your Pool

While older pools can last for years, the time and cost of maintaining them can slowly increase over time to compensate for its age. More time is lost trying to maintain the surfaces, and additional chemicals may be required to ensure safe water to swim on. Restoration greatly reduces the cost of maintenance over time, extending the life of your pool. Another factor to consider is the increased probability that someone might hurt themselves, sustaining abrasions or cuts when rubbed against old or deteriorating pool surfaces.

What to Expect with Swimming Pool Restoration

An expert pool company will, of course, remove the water from the pool first and then the tiles and internal plaster, as well as any paving that is integrated into the design. They will use contemporary materials to completely renovate your concrete swimming pool such as Spectrum quartz plaster, a product that is UV, chemical and acid resistant and comes in a variety of colours. You can choose tiles and pavers that complement the colours you choose for your plaster.

Current plumbing will be checked as part of your pool restoration, with new pipes and fittings installed if needed. A new environmentally friendly pool filtration system as well as a pump that require less energy usage will likely also be installed for the most efficient pool operation. New lighting is typically a part of the process using energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights. Of course, your newly renovated pool is then refilled with water and treated with the proper chemicals to create a suitable swimming environment.

Restoring your pool is an investment but it is nowhere near the cost of tearing it completely out and starting over with a new design. The hole for the pool is already there, as is the concrete. You are basically replacing fixtures that would have to be done eventually anyway as well as creating a whole new look for your pool, all for the fraction of the price of new swimming pools- a small price to pay for several more decades of water enjoyment.

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