Swimming Pool Rules

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool rules are a necessary part of owning a commercial pool and not a bad idea for the homeowner. They are a necessity without them people will line up to file lawsuits.

   It is interesting how pool rules have changed over the years. I will go over a few starting with some from the nineteen sixties. They start with the old tried and true walk no running. The rule now has become more specific; do not run on the deck. I am not sure where else one could run when near a pool but I guess some people need exact locations. Then there is old rule that girls must wear caps, I do not think that would go over very well today. Remember the rule was written in the early sixties It has been changed to people with long hair must wear caps. This statement seems to be more politically correct and does not offend anyone. You might wonder why this rule exist. Well if a lot of people are swimming with long hair it tends to build up and can clog the pump leading to numerous problems I will not go into here.

   Another old rule is leave bobby pins with your cloths. Do they still use bobby pins? Then there is the long forgotten pool rule eat at the tables. People today seem to eat just about any place that strikes there fancy. The next rule is interesting; parents are responsible for their children. Today it is the pool owner who is responsible for all the children that swim in the pool. Then the one that still applies today but is expressed differently is use the bathroom not the pool. I have seen signs that say I do not swim in your toilet so please do not urinate in my pool. Good rule but adults and children seem to be on the lazy side and use the pool. Use lots of chlorine if this is the case. The next one on the list is a novel idea bring your own towel, this rule has disappeared over the years. If you are a pool owner I bet you wish this rule were monitory. Then there is no littering, simple idea but now it has become no food drink or glass around the pool. I guess this will stop the littering and prevent injury. One of the last early pool rules is just one word Think! That is an idea that seems to be lost in today's world.

   Now we get to the new rules they are much like the old ones but for obvious reasons in much more detail. I like this rule but do not know exactly how it can be enforced; the rule is shower before entering the pool. If it is a pool in an apartment house or hotel I guess one should shower at their own place then arrive at the pool? We all now why the next rule is included, all persons using pool do so at own risk. I am sure if left out there would be many more lawsuits than already exist. One of the most important rules is the one that states no diving in the shallow end. You would think that this is common sense, but it is unbelievable how many people have dove into the shallow end. I heard of one lawsuit where the person got millions of dollars because a sign was not posted and the person dove in and broke his neck.

   So let this be a lesson if you own a pool or are thinking of getting one it would be worth your while to look into getting signs that post pool rules just to protect yourself.

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