Swimming Pool Running Costs - The Ongoing Costs

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2011 in Articles

You may love the idea of having a swimming pool to come back and have a nice dip in after a hard days work, or dream of great days by the pool with your family. Indeed many more people are now finding they can afford to buy a swimming pool, be it an above ground one or an in-ground pool.

However before you rush out and buy that above ground pool kit, or start digging a large hole in your back garden, then you really need to sit down and think about the ongoing running costs.

Depending on your requirements swimming pools can be cheap to run and maintain, or they can be extremely expensive.

Sure, you may have room to build a 20ft by 40ft pool, but have you sat down and thought about how you are going to heat it? Or how much money that will cost?

Even though you maybe able to afford to buy a big swimming pool, it may get little or no use if you cannot afford to keep the water temperature at a reasonable level.

Often, it maybe more sensible to go for a slightly smaller pool that costs less to heat.

Also you will need to factor in costs for cleaning your pool if you are not going to carry out this task yourself. You will also need to budget for pool chemicals and water filters - and for any pool these costs can rapidly build up. The problem is if you cannot afford to keep your pool maintained, it will rapidly fill up with algae and become unusable.

So by all means go for it and buy a pool, just buy a swimming pool that you can afford to run.

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