Swimming Pool Safety  

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A sparkling blue pool not only enhances your backyard and raises the value of the property, it is a source of hours of fun for the whole family.

Unfortunately, numerous accidents happen every year where children get access to the pool and drown. Children are by nature playful, fearless and even a little reckless. Even if they can swim, accidents can happen. With proper equipment and safety covers, you can protect your family.

Pool Equipment


The number one protection for any pool is a sturdy fence. The fence should be high enough that a child cannot climb over it, and the bars close together so that a child cannot squeeze between them.
The gate on the fence should have a safety lock that a child cannot reach and open. This type of equipment gives you complete peace of mind.


A swimming pool safety covers is equally important. Solid or mesh covers prevent a child from falling in the water. When properly installed, covers are so strong, a young child can walk on it.
As an added bonus, covers prevent leaves and other debris from soiling the water. For anyone who has a pool, safety covers are a must.

Pool Alarms

A safety buoy is designed for above ground pools and small in ground pools. It is a floating device that sounds an alarm when the water is disturbed.

The Pool Watchdog is a clever device that works with a camera and your WiFi, and sends you an email or text when it detects activity in the pool.

An entry alarm sounds a high volume sound whenever the gate to the pool, or any other access door to the pool area is opened more than one inch. Some entry alarms will remain quiet when an adult passes through, but will sound when a child gains access to the pool area.

In ground pool alarm

Another type of swimming pool equipment is a battery operated alarm. It's safe and simple and requires no complicated installation with wires. When you want to use the pool, put the alarm to sleep mode. After you leave the water, the alarm automatically resets itself. The device is clever enough to know the difference between children entering the water and small objects such as leaves or toys.

Even with the right equipment and swimming pool safety covers, safety starts with you. Ideally, when small children swim or play in the pool, an adult should be nearby and paying attention.

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