Swimming Pool Safety - Avoid Accidents in Your Household

by Pool Builders on 06-16-2010 in Articles

Having your personal oasis at your place earns you a whole lot of advantages. You no longer have to book for pricey reservations and go over the hassle of packing and traveling. You have the luxury to take a few laps or spend the whole day with your family and friends.

Installing your own swimming pool even adds value to your home. If you need to move address and have to put up your place for sale, your pool can add more marketing value and cost to your place, allowing you to attract more prospects.

Still, as with any other thing, you need to be responsible to continuously enjoy these advantages and not have it turn into drawbacks.

Every year, there are approximately two hundred and fifty children who drown in swimming pools. This report alone should be enough to prompt you to take precautionary measures with or without children at home.

If you have an above-ground swimming pool, empty your wading or swimming pool every after use. This will not only ensure the sanitation of your pool but would also keep unsupervised children from grave accidents.

It also best to have the swimming pool installed or built in an enclosed area where it is impossible for children to access without supervision. Or you may have a fence built around with a self-closing latch. If you have purchased diving boards or any other pool accessories, have these tested first prior to installation. Remove any movable decks, ladders, or other accessories when your family or friends have finished swimming.

One reason children have drowned is that their hands and feet get stuck in pool pumps or drains, thereby making it impossible for them to extricate themselves. Anyhow, there are now available drain covers in the market that will allow the pool drains to still function without compromising the safety of the children.

Another important point to take into consideration is the water chemistry. Do not pour chemicals into pool if you are not certain of its composition or content because its compound may irritate, or cause more serious hazards to the swimmers.

If you are hosting a party or just have regular guests who enjoy your pool, it would be great to put up a sign to warn everyone of the depth of the pool.

While it is true that supervision is always the best answer to prevent accidents, our human flaws can still cause us to have momentary lapse of attention. Do not worry because you can still be vigilant by installing a pool alarm. Pool alarms only sits at your pool and sets off upon change in the water displacement. Thus when children fall, you are roused into attention.

Ask your dealers about the kind of their warranty as well as its coverage. Most companies that specialize in in-ground swimming pool installation usually have pool covers or thick tarps which you can use to cover the pool. If not, you can just easily purchase this as one separate piece.

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