Swimming Pool Safety Covers

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2012 in Articles

Swimming pools can provide numerous opportunities for fun and frolic. They are great for exercise and other recreational activities, and can be used all year round. However, they need to be maintained properly in order to remain usable. A neglected pool can quickly turn into a hazard. The pool must be cleaned, and water should be treated and changed regularly. It is always a good idea to keep the pool covered. This is not only an important safety measure, but also has a number of other advantages. A variety of safety covers are available today to suit different types of pools.

The primary purpose of a safety cover is, of course, safety. An uncovered pool can be a hazard for unsupervised children, pets etc. Keeping the pool covered can minimise the risk of accidental drowning. Swimming pool accidents can happen in a matter of minutes, quickly and silently. Safety covers are therefore a vital precaution for any pool which can be accessed by children or pets.

A cover also prevents leaves and other debris from entering the water, keeping it clear. Many covers keep out sunlight, thus helping minimise the growth of algae and germs. Another advantage of safety covers is heat retention. Evaporation causes rapid heat loss, as well as the loss of chemicals from water. A cover can act as an insulator and help water retain heat for longer.

Many different pools covers are available, each one with its own merits. A simple plastic cover is not the most effective as a safety cover, but can be perfectly useful for keeping out leaves and other debris from the pool. It can help keep the pool cleaner for longer, effectively reducing maintenance costs. However, it cannot insulate and prevent heat or chemical loss. This is not a problem in warmer climes, but in the UK, heat retentive covers are necessary. A relatively cheap and simple way to insulate is use a vinyl cover.

The most effective covers from the point of view of safety are covers made from solid materials or mesh. These are usually very sturdy and can be pulled over the surface of the pool whenever needed. Modern safety covers are equipped with a remote operated key. This means you can cover the pool and keep it securely locked with a single turn. This is by the far the most effective types of safety cover.

Just the fact that safety covers minimise the risk of accidents is enough to get them installed. However, it doesn't hurt that they can help save money as well. By preventing heat loss, safety covers can help reduce heating costs. By keeping debris out and preventing the growth of algae, they help keep cleaning and maintenance costs down.

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