Swimming Pool Safety Enhanced by Cartridge Filtration Technology

by Pool Builders on 11-28-2010 in Articles

The cartridge pool filtration system that is brought to use ensures that when water passes through its sieves, unwanted pollutants and disinfected organic matter get clogged on the surface of its cartridge filtering medium. This form of filter also requires minimum maintenance as it offers easy cleaning options that makes it feasible to keep ponds safe. The use of cartridge filter has proved very effective and plays an active role in keeping pond systems ready for being used anytime.

Caring for swimming pools and their maintenance hence become possible for all pool users with the installation of this new form of filter. The cartridge filtering technology is being applauded by the fraternity of pool users. It has become evident from the increasing deployment of Jandy cartridge filters and Jacuzzi filters in swimming ponds. The trend has taken wings and people have started to replace their old filtering parts with the new technology.

Filtering technology of this grade does not cost much and offers the best filtration options that are in place. Its cartridge is made up of a unique papery material that serves as a very potent medium for trapping impurities and getting them deposited on the filtering medium. This is what makes the pool filtering system sound and most dependable when it comes to filtration. The cartridge filters are also superior to the old filtering systems such as sand and DE.

The new filters make it possible to keep the ponds safe. Cleaning of the filters also becomes extremely easy. This is because whenever the filters get clogged, the impurities can be washed away by simply using water and rinsing the cartridge in muriatic acid. These cleansing methods are sufficient to wash away impurities that deposit on the cartridge's surface. Henceforth, the filter can be refitted and reused for carrying on with the pool filtration process.

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