Swimming Pool Safety Fence, Why Glass?

by Pool Builders on 07-10-2012 in Articles

Why Glass?

A Glass Fence as the Ultimate Solution.

It is regulatory in many countries to surround a pool with a safe and secure fence. The reason for this is very obvious and close to most people's hearts as there can be very tragic consequences when such codes are not adhered to. It need not be said that safety around the swimming pool environment is paramount, and of course, the safer the better.

This is where the advantages of glass come to the fore. The see-through nature of glass allows for unhindered observational control. There is visual access to the pool from all angles making supervision much easier. It's a wonderful feeling to know that your children are always in full view of you when playing in the pool.

Another characteristic of a glass fence is, that when you can't be there to supervise, it acts as an impenetrable barrier to little children. There are no footholds to be found, no lattices to grip on to, also no cross bars that can act as ladders. A pool is an irresistible temptation to a little one and there must be no possibility of unsupervised access.

Glass does not deteriorate over time. It will be just as firmly in place in ten years from its time of installation. There is no rusting, collapsing, disintegration, loosening parts, or tampering issues common with some other materials. A study in Queensland showed that up to 60% of existing fences were deficient, and did not pass Australian safety standards. No wonder why we hear of unmentionable news stories on an almost regular basis. All this can be averted by building safe fences.

Door closing mechanisms of glass gates are by necessity built more robustly than regular hinged doors, requiring stainless steel fittings and controlled shutting mechanisms, giving clear visual and audible feedback. They shut gently with a confirming click that has a wonderful refinement about it.

Apart from being far safer than other alternatives glass is a beautiful medium in and of itself. It blends with any environment, traditional or modern. It never really dates, whether it maintains a quaint Victorian setting, wanders through garden beds, or complements a 2012 concept property, it always amazes.

Its shimmering and transparent qualities meld well with rippling water and its similarly subtle reflective characteristics.

Glass has clean lines which are barely visible. Enough though to alert that it is there, but not too much that it obscures the view. It in fact has an enhancing quality. It lifts the environment by putting a shine to it much like a screen over water paintings; it enhances the look of the pool.

Being see-through glass prevents your property from being divided up into smaller sections making the separated areas look small and broken. Glass eliminates this.

It also allows the preservation of a full vista view beyond the pool allowing you to retain your beautiful extended horizons, maintaining the valuable qualities of your property.

A glass enclosure becomes a refuge, but one that is in full view, always inviting and accessible. The pool and property need not be divided but can remain as one, not restraining the artistic and design qualities of your created environment. Your garden, decking, tiled area and pool can all be happily in place while glass frames it all.

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