Swimming Pool Safety Precautions - Play It Safe To Keep It Fun

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2011 in Articles

A swimming pool can be a dangerous place if you or others using it do not take care to follow some basic safety principals. Miss-use of it can easily result in serious injury or death. However by establishing a simple set of rules, and ensuring that people follow them (Especially small children) then your pool should be perfectly safe to use.

Simple pool safety tips: -

Never run near or around the edge of the pool, as splashing from the pool will result in wet concrete, which can cause you to slip and injure yourself.

Never take any real glasses or bottles anywhere near your pool and especially not into it. A broken glass in your swimming pool can result in severe injury. So only ever use pool safe plastic unbreakable glasses. They float, meaning they are doubly safe.

Never take any form of electrical appliance near your pool. Knocking your music system into your pool could quite literally kill everyone in it.

Always ensure people are aware of how deep your pool is. In general a lot of home swimming pools are not deep enough to dive into safely. Diving or bomb diving into the wrong end of it can result in a broken neck or back injury. This is a serious risk and one of the most common pool injuries.

Lastly when it comes to children and pools, no child of fourteen years or under should ever be allowed to use it unattended. In addition it is a very good idea if you have young children to have a fence around it with a lockable gate for when it is not in use.

These tips should keep your swimming pool safe.

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