Swimming Pool Safety Tips   by George Tobin

by Pool Builders on 04-26-2012 in Articles

A swimming pool is a great resource for fun and exercise, but you must make sure to implement rules for you swimming area. A pool can be very dangerous if safety precautions aren't taken. That is why it is essential that you follow these tips to ensure that everyone stays safe while having a good time.
Don't Overcrowd your Pool - It's always fun to have pool parties, but overcrowding your pool is one of the easiest ways to cause injury. Swimming is not like walking; staying afloat requires movement. When there are too many people in the pool it can turn into a dangerous situation as each person's movement becomes very restricted. In a situation like this not everyone will have access to the ladders or edges or the pool, leaving some people stranded in the middle. It is even dangerous to overcrowd the shallow end if people are continually jumping in and out of the pool. The number of people suitable for a given pool will vary greatly depending on its size.
Don't Swim Intoxicated- You should never let anyone enter you pool who has consumed alcohol, or any mind-altering substance for that matter. This sounds like common sense, but even having a few drinks and entering you pool can be unsafe. Swimming intoxicated is not only dangerous because of the impaired motor skills but also the impaired judgment, which can lead to risky or unsafe situations.
Be Careful on the Pool Deck- It is not only important to be cautious in the pool, but on the pool deck as well. Running around or near the pool can be very dangerous as it is often slippery- a very easy way to take a spill. Rules and safety precautions will always help avoid these accidents, however you won't be able to prevent them all. This is why it is important to have the proper safety equipment on hand at all times (flotation devices, first aid kit, etc.).
Never Leave Children Unattended- This tip can't be stressed enough. No matter how good of a swimmer your child is, it is imperative that you do not leave them unattended. Depending on the child, it is always a good idea to suit them with life vests or some type of flotation device. This rule is specifically important if you have multiple children over at your pool (i.e. a birthday party). If you are planning to have lots of children at your pool, it is highly recommended that you hire a lifeguard, or an experienced swimmer who knows CPR.

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