Swimming Pool Safety Tips

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2009 in Articles

Safety precautions for swimming pools are very important for everybody, whether you are an adult or a kid. It is even highly needed for children and there are several things you need to do to ensure your home swimming pool is safe for them. Go over this article and consider some of these great safety suggestions:

o Build a fence around the pool. In most jurisdictions this is now mandatory and there will be specific measurements for height given by your local municipality. Moreover, the fence must have a kid-safety gate which can only be opened by older kids and adults. Ensure that you put a signage that clearly says "Pool's Closed," for the proper height and length of the sign you can ask your local jurisdiction. If your locality does not have such regulation, you construct a fence high enough so that your pool can not be easily accessed unless you use the gate.

o Always check the gate and fence if they are properly maintained. Make sure that there are no damages and they are working in a good condition. Conduct a regular check up to ensure that everything is fine.

o Do not leave the gate open. Always close the gate every after you go inside or go out of the pool area. You can not be sure that older kids can keep their eyes on young ones walking around the pool area while everybody is having fun. They are too focused on what they are doing and thus they do not have enough attention to look after the young ones. There are gates that have self-closing and self-latching features which are better options than the regular gates.

o Put a cover on the poolside with non-slip surfaces. Although there are no regulations about this, but accidents do occur and it is wise to try and prevent from slipping with these reliable surfaces. It is best to be prepared for any possible accidents that might happen in the future.

o Store life jackets near your pool area. Kids, who are 3 years old and below, must wear a life jacket in the pool. If these children do not know how to swim, they must be accompanied by an adult and help them learn to swim.

o Regular pool maintenance such as cleaning should be observed. Make sure that toys, floats, noodles and other things that can fascinate a young kid must be kept in the storage. These items can prompt a child to go near them and can accidentally fall in the pool.

o It is necessary that you stipulate your rules and regulations for the pool. And be sure that everybody in the family will be aware of these rules. In this way, no one will have the chance to be negligent whenever they are swimming.

o Do not leave the pool area unattended when you start to open it. If you are going somewhere, ask somebody else to take over your place. Adults and older kids are held liable for young ones when they start having fun in the pool. They must know how to take care and look after on each other to avoid getting drowned or commit serious injuries. Remember drowning can only take few minutes and thus quick response to this is highly needed.

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