Swimming Pool Security Tips

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2010 in Articles

If you have a pool, it's important to take precautions to keep everyone safe. Never leave your young children alone near the pool. Kids love water so it's very tempting to just jump in even if they know they're not supposed to without an adult nearby. It takes just a second for little ones to fall in, which can be disastrous. If you need to leave the pool briefly, take your children with you.

Pool safety equipment, like life vests and life preservers are always a good idea to have around. They can be the difference between life and death if you are trying to save some quickly.

Another good thing to have around is a shepherd's hook. It can be used to pull someone in from the water quickly. It is long so it can reach to the center of the pool easily. You also may want to have a phone by the pool so you can rapidly call for help if the worst should occur.

If you're pool isn't fenced, it's worth the money and peace of mind to have one installed. It will protect your children and those in the neighborhood from swimming in the pool unsupervised.

To be secure, any protective fence around your pool should be at least six feet high with a locking gate. That will prevent anyone from getting into the pool without a key. Put the key somewhere safe so that only adults have access to it.

It's also a good idea to learn CPR. You may never need to use it, but that's not the point. If someone falls in your pool and is unable to swim, you may be able to save them if you know CPR.

If there is anyone who cannot swim at your pool, you should stay nearby so that you can save them if they fall in. It could be up to you to save their life.

Swimming is a great family activity but it's important to be safe while you're having fun. Follow safety precautions and lock up your pool at the end of the day.

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