Swimming Pool Slides: A Cool Investment

by Pool Builders on 01-18-2012 in Articles

If you have an in ground or above ground pool, an accessory to consider are swimming pool slides. They provide lots of fun, enjoyment and excitement. Pool owners consider it a worthy investment because of the revolutionary, uniquely designed and colorful slides out there in the market. These slides are smooth, durable and safe. Many commercial brands are made of high reinforced plastic or fiberglass. They come in vibrant colors to match the landscape of your white pool. You can purchase a slide for the shallow portion of the pool for kids to enjoy and another at the deeper portion for the adults. There are many brands out there in the market such as Interfab, S.R. Smith, Helle Comfort, Billabong, Blast, Intex and many more. The accepted trend now among pool owners are water park slides.

A top rated manufacturer of different slides is the Interfab Inc. which offers a stock line of residential pool slides. Their slides can transform your pool into a family water park in your own backyard. From their 3' Zoomerang to their 6'4" G-Force slides, you and your loved ones will enjoy many hours of memorable family bonding while playing games in your pool with these terrific slides. Interfab's slides provide lots of splash excitement with its water rides and water flow. A potential customer can visit a dealer store offering a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors. Their other slides are the White Water, Wild Ride, City 2 and X-Stream.

Another top brand manufacturer is the SR Smith. Its product brands are the Cyclone, Big Ride, Turbo Twister, Typhoon, Aqua Blast, Rocket Slide, Rogue and Vortex. For your choice of a low end price of slide, there is the Vortex Slide with top. It has an open or close flume description with a 10'7 overall height, 7'6" tall to the seat and a 19' corkscrew runway. It comes with a ladder or spiral staircase and a high-volume water delivery capacity together with an installation video instruction.

Another popular high end product is the Big Ride. This slide can add unexplainable pleasure for your swimmers with its extra long, deep runway and cascades of rushing water. It is designed with safety as its priority and fully complies with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides (16 CFR 1207). Its height is 5'- 6' to top of runway with a 17' long and 30" weight limit up to 250 pounds. Its required deck space is about 10'7" x 9'9".

Another brand is the Turbo Twister Slide. You can enjoy your pool to the fullest with water park thrills from a SR Smith Turbo Twister slide. This is a high priced item which costs around $2,600 to $3,000. It is a 7-footer product with an adjustable water delivery system. It can be easily assembled in less than one hour. This Turbo Twister slide is made of lightweight materials and fully packaged with joints and sealants for easy shipping. This slide is available in sandstone or gray granite with left or right curve.

The superiority of a brand is shown by its terrific features with both safety and fun as its goals. Most top slides are scratch and fade resistant aside from being sturdy and durable. Many designs and colors are available for both children and adults. Additional highlight of a popular brand is the affordability of its price with different models to choose at varying price range. There are also inflatable slides offered at cheap prices.

If you prefer a custom built slide to make a personalized design statement, it will definitely cost you a lot more. Nonetheless, the outcome will leave a lasting impression not only to yourself and your family but also to your guests. If your customized design is truly remarkable and one of a kind, it is most likely that your custom made pool slide will be a popular conversational piece in your neighborhood. Having fun and splash under water while playing different games with the use of swimming pool slides is the reason for its phenomenal popularity.

Your pool life will be totally transformed from being lifeless and boring into a super-charged and lively ambiance with the dramatic impact of your stunning swimming pool slides. Investing in these pool products will reward you with unquantifiable and intangible benefits and dividends beyond your imagination when you see the joy and happiness reflected on the beautiful faces of your kids, loved ones, relatives and friends.

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