Swimming Pool Solar Covers  

by Pool Builders on 01-09-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool solar covers are a wise investment, not just to extend the swimming season by keeping the pool water warmer, but also to save money by reducing water evaporation. They also reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean, by inhibiting the UV rays of the sun, which encourages algae buildup. These covers are reasonably inexpensive, especially compared to the economic savings.

By making use of the solar cover, the pool water is warmed by the rays of the sun, which allows you to open the pool for use much earlier in the year and continue to use the pool much later in the fall season. Replacing the cover each day, unless you enjoy nighttime swimming, will not only continue to warm the water, but also keep leaves and debris from collecting in the pool. Choosing a solar cover instead of a regular cover will not increase the initial purchase cost enough to overcome the great benefits to be derived from the solar power obtained, including up to 50 less replacement water to overcome evaporation and 30 to 60 fewer chemicals needed.

Another way to employ the solar power of the sun to enhance the pleasure of the outdoor area is taking advantage of a new solar water fountain. Water fountains are a very popular landscaping feature that provides a soothing method of relaxation. However, placement of these fountains has typically been limited by the need for electrical wiring or the use of expensive batteries. The solar garden fountains eliminate these limitations and are great money savers as well.

The only difference in the solar powered fountains and the familiar solar lighting fixtures is the absence of battery storage for the fountains. They will only function while actually absorbing the suns rays. In addition, cloudy or overcast days may affect the strength of the fountains function. However, the cost saving and convenience of placement will far outweigh this disadvantage. Additionally, solar power produces no noise, so the only sound is the soothing flow of water.

While the fountain does come supplied with an AC adaptor, this is only meant to be used indoors or on an enclosed porch and should never be exposed to the weather. However, this does allow you to bring the fountain indoors during the winter months to extend the pleasure of the fountains relaxing properties.

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