Swimming Pool Supply Kit Information

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2007 in Articles

Any swimming pool owner knows that maintaining a it is quite a task. To make it as easy as possible, you should keep a certain supply kit on hand at all times. The supply kit should be a stash of certain basic items required to care for your swimming pool.

Pool chemicals are the key component of any supply kit. They are needed to keep the pool clear and clean. They help to prevent things like slime, scum, mold, and algae. Chemicals also help to remove harmful germs and bacteria. Some of the most common chemicals required for pool care are chlorine and bromine. Additional things, such as algaecide, stabilizers, balancers and shocks, are also required.

It follows, logically, that an automatic chemical dispenser is also a great thing to keep in your supply kit. Automatic chemical dispensers, while not completely necessary, do save a lot of time and work. They dispense a set amount of chemicals at a set time. That way, the owner does not need to monitor the situation quite as closely, although monitoring chemical levels is still important.

Testing kits or testing strips are also critical items to keep in your supply kit. After all, how do you plan to know how much of each chemical your pool needs replenished if you can't test the chemical levels that already exist?

Other useful things to keep include repair supplies, such as patches, in case your pool liner develops a leak, and a face mask, in case you need to check or repair something in the water.

Something else you should keep in or near your supply kit is a first aid box. That way, if anyone is injured while swimming in your pool, you will have access to basic first aid needs, such as ace bandages and band aids.

Beyond these basics, what to keep in your kit will depend greatly on you and your swimming pool. A lot depends on the size and whether it is in ground or above ground. It also depends greatly on how often you plan to use it and what your budget is.

Regardless of what you keep in your pool kit, the best place to restock your kit is at a supply store. Many times whoever installs your pool will either have such a store themselves or be able to recommend one to you. Such stores are a wealth of information. The staff will be able to assist you with all of your swimming pool needs, from chemicals to toys.

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