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by Pool Builders on 01-24-2010 in Articles

When choosing a swimming pool surface, you should consider a few things in order to select the best pool surface for you. The look of swimming pools has changed over the years in terms of structural finish and surface. A variety of pool surfaces are on the market ranging from the classic white colored finish to the trendy multi colored pebble finish. Each of these finishes has specific inherent strengths and limitations, which must be taken into account before choosing your swimming pool surface.

Swimming pools must also conform to a high standard of safety, hygiene and cleanliness. Proper maintenance of swimming pool surfaces is essential, and you will need a number of appropriate chemicals and solutions to keep it free from germs and bacteria in order to keep the surface looking good for many years.

To further guide you on how to select the best finish for your swimming pool here is some relevant information that you should know:

Standard White Color Surface

Tried, tested, and still the most popular from among the modern type of swimming pool surfaces available today. Its traditional combination of white marble aggregates, white cement and water make it both very economical and lovely for a classic type of pool. This has been the most affordable and most liked material today because it can be constructed easily. Being white in appearance, it can project a neat and clean pool when filled with water.

Additionally there has to be proper cleaning management on this type of pool surface. Standard white color surfaces are susceptible to increasing water chemical conditions. There is a number of contributing factors that cause this water chemistry and so it is important to know that this is a soft kind of finish compared to the most innovative pool surfaces of today. Over the passing of time, there will be some noticeable changes, which will be visible such as cracking and staining.

Colored Pool Surface

This is the improved version of the standard white colored surface. Mottling is greatly emphasized in this type of surface and a simple variation of shades between color sample chips and mixed plaster is possible. Know that because this surface is colored it can fade over time.

Pebble Surfaces

Pebble surfaces are composed of embedded and natural, soft pebbles that come in a number of colors and color combinations. They are beautiful to look at because of their natural appearance, which is nicely emphasized by the clean water from your swimming pool. A pebble surface is considered the most trusted type of surface because it will not easily react to chemical changes in water. Since this is the most preferred type of surface, it is also more costly. So if you want great quality and durability and are willing to spend more, then this is the best pick for you.

Any of the above-mentioned surfaces can greatly give your pool longer years of use and performance yet it is very important to understand and analyze the varying strengths and limitations of each surface. As well, proper maintenance and cleaning will give you a great pool surface for years to come no matter what surface you choose.

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