Swimming Pool Toys: Weigh Ages, Interests & Budget When Shopping  

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2012 in Articles

When it comes to swimming pool toys, children have a wide variety of preferences and choices. The best way to select toys that your kids will enjoy all summer long - and hopefully for many years to come - is to take into account their ages, interests and abilities, in addition to your budget and any other constraints, such as pool and/or backyard size. Here's a list of criteria to consider when choosing fun pool accessories.

Age. Tweens and teens have no desire for a kiddie pool, just as newborns and toddlers won't have much use for water sports. The key to picking toys your children will find delight in involves selecting age-appropriate items.

Sports. Do your kids like sports, or would you like to be more active? You can do more than swim laps in the water, such as install swimming pool-friendly volleyball nets and basketball hoops. Little ones may delight in a giant inflatable hoop that can be used on land or in the water, while more serious sports enthusiasts have their pick of high-quality basketball sets that will perform admirably through many afternoons of fun. Some even feature official NBA team logos. These games provide excellent diversions for adults as well.

Swimming pool toys. Besides sporting goods, perennially popular items for the pool include water guns, beach balls and inflatables in all sizes and shapes, from classic lounges to animal-shaped designs.

Exercise. If swimming laps becomes too monotonous, you can purchase ankle cuffs, kickboards and other exercise gear to diversify the usual workout routine.

Land only. Do you have visitors who prefer lounging by the pool, instead of in it? If so, stock up on games and other pool supplies designed for above-ground use. Some games can be used in the water and on land, such as a three-in-one combo featuring Ladder Ball, Bean Bag Toss and Ring Toss. Other comforts such as speakers, poolside seat cushions and lounges that can be used in the water or on land will make their visit more relaxing.

Budget. Equipping your swimming pool with toys can be as expensive as you make it, but it can be done on a small budget, too. Make a list of desirables and prioritize it according to your family's needs. Are comfy chairs and lounges your top priority, or do you want to buy a game or activity that a big group can participate in?

Storage. Where will you store all of this gear when it's not in use? Do you have room in the garage or basement? This is especially important for the off-season.

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