Swimming Pool Trends for 2007: What are the latest trends?  

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2007 in Articles

Every year and each season bring different pool trends and building themes. Some stay around for ever, some are more temporary. Here are a few that we've observed in 2007:

Beach Entries
In the world of pools and pool building, a beach entry refers to an edge or entry that gradually slopes from the deck into the water, like a ramp, becoming deeper with each step. Because there are no stairs or ladders to navigate, a beach entry is ideal for families with young children.

Fire Features
Many pool designers like to join fire and water in their building themes. The mesmerizing flame from fire accents or tiki torches around the pool area add great effects to the poolside atmosphere. Another great idea? Add sand or lava rock to a gas-powered fire bowl. You will change the color of the flames and change the entire mood of the area as well.

Water Features
Fountains and rock waterfalls are also an effective way to set the mood around the pool. Pool fountains create a sound shield for your pool and also help keep it clean. Foaming fountains mix water and air for a frothy, mushroom-head effect. Rock waterfalls come in many shapes and configurations. Some opt for a prefabricated, one-piece unit that sits at the pool's edge. Rock waterfalls can also be very elaborate. Rocks with built-in fountains can rise out of the pool or surround it, transforming the setting into a secluded area. Watch a video of different waterfall designs.

Infinity & Other Innovative Edges
An infinity edge is constructed so that water flows over one or more sides of the pool into a catch basin and is then re-circulated back into the pool. Since the edge of the pool seems to disappear, this type of edge is ideal for backyards with city, ocean or other scenic views. An infinity edge also adds an exciting visual element to level yards and lots by providing a reflection of the surrounding landscape in the surface of the pool. Watch a video of a stunning infinity edge pool.

Specialty Finishes
Glass tile is currently the hottest -- and the most expensive -- finish for those in the high-end pool market. Glass tiles come in a rainbow of colors, some with unique swirls, bubbles and shading, and are often used to create custom mosaics.

Saltwater Pools
If you hate the feeling of your eyes burning from chlorine after swimming all day, then a saltwater pool system may be your answer. While the upfront cost for such a system may seem more expensive, the maintenance costs in the long run are actually lower than those of a traditional chlorine pool. A saltwater pool does not contain same salinity as ocean water (20,000 parts per million of salt in the water to about 3,000).

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