Swimming Pool Vacuum Rescues Summer

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2009 in Articles

Ah, the sounds of summer, bees buzzing, birds chirping, and your pre-teen daughter screaming, "Mom! There is trash floating in the pool!" Why not purchase a handy swimming pool vacuum to save the day that is easy enough for the whole family to use, even her highness! (All she has to do is turn it on!)

I wonder if Ferdinand Chauvier, the inventor of a vacuum for swimming pools had teenagers who expected pools to stay magically uncluttered without the slightest bit of effort on their part. (Like their bedrooms!) Although, the first vacuum design was manually operated, our kids may have the right idea! Where can we get automatic vacuums for swimming pools that keep the water sparkling clear?

If you asked people what they most dislike about owning a pool, the obvious answer would be when relatives show up uninvited especially Mother-in-laws in 50 year old bathing suits who have no business being seen out in public in such get up! The second response would be they detest the clean up! You clean for hours turn around to ask your Mom to please cover up, and it is dirty again!

Remember the pool that was bought summers ago that is still in the box or covered up sitting forlornly unused in the backyard because nobody wants to clean it! It is time to dig it out and put it to good use!

Short of hiring a service, we have several options open for keeping pools free of debris. Be forewarned, after becoming accustomed to a vac that automatically provides unobstructed and pure inviting water, your family will never agree to go back to the old-fashioned way of manual vacuuming.

* Aquabot Pool Rover

The Rover throws out the lifeline saving the hassle of cleaning! The Aquabot is designed for above ground pools. It cleans any pool in less than an hour!

* Dirt Devil Pro-V Auto Inground Pool Cleaner

That's right; the same company that provides home vacuums also makes cleaners for pools! There are many great reasons to choose this machine including:

* Vacuums all pools regardless of shape, construction, or size
* Easy to install
* Quickly cleans without disturbing noise
* No electricity needed
* Bagless operation

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