Swimming Pool Water Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 01-19-2010 in Articles

The goal of swimming pool water maintenance is twofold. One, it is to have the water in your pool be clear so it looks enticing to swimming in, and 2) it's to keep the water clean and sanitary.

Part of achieving both of these goals is to balance Ph and alkalinity in your swimming pool. in order to do this, you first have to know what the pH levels in your pool are.

By taking samples of your pool water to your local pool retail outlet or store, you can have them test the water for you and tell you what, if anything, it needs. This is better than using some of the water test strips which are not known for their accuracy. In order for them to estimate as to the amount of chemicals required, you'll have to know the measurements of your swimming pool - length, width, and depth.

The important thing to remember is that you can't adjust everything at the same time. Add a bit of chemicals to the deep end of the pool to lower the pH, wait awhile for the chemical to take effect, test the water, and repeat if necessary. If possible wait around 7 hours before re-testing. You want to give the pumps time to circulate the water in the pool. But if you're in a hurry, try to wait at least two hours. Taking water measurements prior to that may give you incorrect results as the chemicals may not have had time to disperse themselves through the entire pool area. In fact, if your swimming pool is luxury sized, you should wait even longer than 7 hours.

in trying to get your pools chemical composition in balance, work on getting the alkalinity right first. Once you have that right, then work on getting the pH right.

Typically, the pH of a swimming pool tends to rise over time. This is mainly due to the sweat and other impurities from swimmers bodies polluting the water. It's also due to the chlorine levels. You can use muriatic acid to lower the PH in your pool water. But be extremely careful with this acid as it can burn.

Be careful about adding too many chemicals to the pool at one time. Add them gradually - in stages. It's always better to add too little than too much. You can always add more later if needed. In addition, when increasing the acidic composition of the pool, always add acid to water, never the reverse or you'll risk the prospect of acid inadvertently splashing on you.

If you've been constantly adding chemicals to the pool and they are drastically out of balance, you may need to completely drain the pool and start over fresh. This may be easier than tying to achieve perfect chemical balance with already polluted pool water. In fact, when the water has been so over saturated with chemicals, you'll not only achieve balance faster by draining the pool and starting over, it'll probably be cheaper as well.

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