Swimming Pool Workout: Make Believe Under the Surface  

by Pool Builders on 07-25-2011 in Articles

Dunk that basketball through a swimming pool basketball hoop this summer! Get into the game because now it can become your private swimming pool workout and fun time with friends or just by yourself. The objective of the game is simple. Run through water carrying a basketball, get past the other players and try your luck to dunk it in before the other player blocks you or just gets in your way.
It's not as easy as it looks and will require smart thinking as well as proper assessment of movement because to jump for the dunk isn't easy and requires you forcing the ball down into the water with you as you submerge for that added height in your jump after rocketing off the swimming pool floor. And that's just half the problem.
It's always good to use a game for swimming pool workouts because not everybody wants to keep swimming laps in a pool when they can cannonball all they want. It's just human instinct. We are always looking for fun and what better way to have it than to try slamming a basketball on a swimming pool basketball hoop hanging at one end of your pool. It builds great quadriceps, strong lungs and of course there is the power of the back always forcing that floating basketball into the water and keeping it down to dive deeper for that launch off the pool floor.
It's a great way to make a body and have fun. Of course there is the other way - the traditional way, freestyle swimming and diving. Water is beautiful environment to play around in. We can make believe we can fly and float like astronauts due to the human body's buoyancy and of course water's fluid stratum where we can pretty much stay afloat from the tiled swimming pool floor. It's a world where make believe can be possible.
Fighter uses this playground to train and develop strong punches and kicks. Divers use this world to simulate gliding and flying over things. Swimmers cut right through the water surface and slice right toward the other end of the pool like torpedoes - where else can you hear such marvels of physics taking place except in water. It's the only frontier we have in the world that is alien to us and still remains so to this day. Despite we explore it, we cannot fathom what other secrets it could be hiding for us.

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