Swimming Pool in Your Garden - Posh Feature Or Home For Frogs

by Pool Builders on 06-08-2010 in Articles

Outdoor, or as Americans call it above-ground, swimming pool is such a delight during the hot summer months. There is noting like starting the day with an early morning swim, or dipping in at the end of the day with a cool drink in your hand. Kids can spend hours of pure fun splashing around, and you will see more of them, since the pool beats visit to the mall hands down.

But, you cannot just stick your outdoor swimming pool in the middle of the yard and be done with it. You had to sacrifice a great portion of your flower garden for it, so you need to find a way to make the pool an attractive feature, and not just a large bucket of water.


Sloping land can allow you to cut away a space for the pool and tuck it in between the rhododendron bushes or small lilac trees.

On a flat piece of land, plan on building a wooden deck around, on several levels, to make your outdoor swimming pool part of the entertainment area of the garden. Add a barbeque and a dining table, and a few lounge chairs, and you will have the upscale look with the reasonable price of the outdoor above-ground pool.

The size

Outdoor swimming pools now come in all sizes and shapes and they can be big enough to swim in. But, this means much more water and high water bills during the summer months. It will also mean more chemicals to keep the pool clean. If you are buying the pool just for the kids, they do not need large pool to have fun in. Smaller pools are also slightly less risky for kids if they are ever left alone in it. This should be avoided at all costs.

The design

Outdoor pools come in several forms:

Fast-set outdoor swimming pools come in one piece and their installation does not require any tools. They come in several sizes.Rigid outdoor swimming pools are made of a heavy-duty PVC and do not need air to be installed.

Steel frame outdoor swimming pools consist of the rigid rust-resistant galvanized steel and a coating of the 3-ply heavy duty PVC plastic and polyester.

Inflatable outdoor swimming pools are becoming hugely popular because of their ease of installation and the large size they can be made. They are constructed of the tested vinyl made in one, two or three chambers. The depth of the pool depends on the number of chambers (rings) used.

Outdoor pools are great option for most people who do not or cannot invest large amounts of money for the inground pools. The new technologies and materials are allowing manufacturers to create better and bigger pools all the time, all within the reasonable price and extreme ease of installation.

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