Swimming Pools: Best Party Location For Everyone  

by Pool Builders on 11-06-2011 in Articles

What better place to have a party than at houses with swimming pools? These bodies of water are the perfect venue for splash-around fun for adults, teens, and children. Parties can be held in one's own backyard if a homeowner is lucky enough to have one, or they can be held at a public site. Here are some things to think about when planning your pool party:

- Celebration of special things: What is your event celebrating? The pool is a perfect place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, holidays, or just as casual get-togethers for friends and family.

- Invitations: Be sure to send the invitations out with plenty of time for your guests to have lots of time to plan. It's fun to find invitations at the stationary store or online that have a swimming or water motif. Invitations should have specific information listed. Who or what the celebration is for? If it's a birthday, tell guests who and how old the birthday boy or girl is. If no gifts are desired, state this here. The start time and end time? You'll want to have a starting and ending time or your guests may have so much fun that they'll never leave! The date of the party? You may know, in your own mind, the date - so may forget to write this important tidbit down for your invitees. Don't forget to tell them day of the week as well as date, such as Tuesday, October 11th. This will help them plan. Also, tell everyone what to bring: If you want them to bring their beach towels and goggles, better let them know. If it's a potluck and you need them to bring X, Y or Z, tell them here. If they need to bring their own sunscreen, now's the time for a reminder.

- Foods: The simpler the menu, the more fun the hosts and hostesses will have. By "simple," it doesn't mean "boring." Items that are made ahead are perfect so that the host or hostess isn't slaving away over the stove or BBQ instead of enjoying the festivities. It's also important that menu items can withstand being left out of the fridge for a period of time, as most swimming pools lack refrigeration. No one wants to be struck with food poisoning after a fun swimming gala.

- Safety: It's important to think of safety during pool parties. Even if the guests are adults rather than kids, crazy water play can be dangerous. Here are some safety measures to keep your event safe. Hire a lifeguard. Employing a lifeguard who is certified in CPR and other life saving skills will be well worth the cash outlay. Your local public pool or YMCA will surely have some names to pass on. Also, advise people to keep babies and toddlers within reach. Adults in charge of tots must keep them within arms' length at all times so they don't slip into the water.

Having parties in swimming pools can be the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, holidays or friendship. By paying attention to details such as invitations, the menu, and safety, it will be a memorable event all around.

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