Swimming Pools Bring Joy and Work  

by Pool Builders on 10-17-2013 in Articles

Mark was learning a valuable lesson - always listen to your wife. Rhonda expressed more than a little concern at the idea of looking at swimming pools to potentially install at their house, but Mark had dreamed about having one in his own backyard since he was a little boy and kept insisting how great it would be. The kids would love it, they could play games as a family, the barbeques in the evenings could be followed by a dip in the water, and not only could he swim laps whenever he wanted, but his children would grow up with a sense of confidence in being around water.

Rhonda on the other hand was far more practical. Swimming pools were a lot of work, they needed to be cleaned and maintained, there would need to be supervision whenever they children had friends over, they would have to install a fence, and it would take time to learn how to properly balance the chemicals in the pool. On top of all this, she had no desire to help with the daily upkeep that came with owning a pool, and even though she conceded that she would enjoy it, she was unwilling to commit to assisting with any of the chores.

Mark was persistent though, and they began going shopping for swimming pools almost every weekend. It was on one of these trips that they stumbled upon a summer sale. Mark was thrilled, because the cost of installation was very expensive, so he relished the savings that were offered. Now they just had to pick out what they wanted, and Rhonda was very interested in some pools that were different shapes.

It took Mark and Rhonda about three days to finalize their plans, but they both ended up happy. They decided on a pool that looked a lot lie the letter L. The short side however was curved, but that allowed the long portion to work for swimming laps. They added a diving board and a slide to the deep end, which excited their children.

Now that they have had their pool four months, Mark is not thrilled with the fall weather that increases the cleaning chores. The leaves that are falling off the trees are creating a lot of debris in the water. Mark has already decided that the next item bought is a pull cover that can easily slide on and off to keep some of that stuff out overnight and when it is not in use. It is tough to admit sometimes when your spouse is right, but Mark is hoping that at least the cover will mitigate it a little bit!

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