Swimming Pools - Enjoy Your Own Backyard Resort

by Pool Builders on 05-19-2009 in Articles

With the weather warming up, what a great time to drift on a raft in a backyard swimming pool. There is no better place to getaway from life's little stresses than your own backyard. Travel time is minimal and the stay is free!

With so many new swimming pool products and landscape ideas available, there is no reason you can't create that special retreat at your own home. There are an array of new pool decking materials available, new filtration systems (salt water is in), waterfalls cascading into the pool and outdoor living rooms are all the rage! It is not just a pool anymore; it is your own backyard luxury resort.

Below are some of the new trends we have been seeing in swimming pool design and landscaping.

Swimming Pool Design - The best place to start with any major project is with a comprehensive design. Whether you plan to do things in stages or all at once, you will want to be certain you receive a complete design to ensure the entire yard blends together. Start by determining a few key points for the design - the size and shape of the swimming pool, how you intend to use the space (relaxation, exercise, sports) and any special design elements you would like incorporate that suit your lifestyle. Your imagination is your only limitation (well and possibly your budget).

Swimming Pool Decks - The new trend in pool decking is to throw out the stark white concrete and use more exciting, natural pool decking products. You can easily give an old pool new life by changing the decking. We are seeing homeowners use more natural products - brick pavers, blue stone, and travertine - that blend in with their overall landscaping and add a little bit of color to their pool.

Total Outdoor Living Spaces - The new rage in landscaping is to create outdoor living rooms, and this includes swimming pools. Incorporating a gourmet kitchen, outdoor fireplace or cabanas and pool houses into your pool area can provide a perfect place to gather and entertain friends and family.

Water Features - Whether it is water cascading from a rock waterfall or an intricate grotto located behind the falls, the new trend for pools is to add the relaxing element of falling water. Customers are incorporating water features into their pools - fountains that shoot bursts of water through the air, elaborate cascades that drop a sheet of water into the pool and intricate waterslides for the kids (and you too). You can create your own natural wonder of the world.

Salt Water Pools - The new trend in pool filtration systems is salt! Benefits of this natural cleaning process include: no chlorine smell, no red eyes, reduced cost (your just buying salt), and no pool "shocking" with chemicals. Talk to your local pool company to learn more about how the salt filtration system works.

Swimming Pool Landscaping - Remember to add color and beauty to your swimming pools landscape. Bring in lush plantings around the pool deck to soften the hardscape and a few evergreens to add some privacy. Also think about shade elements; will you be using carefully planted trees, umbrellas or awnings.

Swimming Pool Lighting - Don't forget the lighting, you may want to enjoy your pool well into the evening. You can use a mix of landscape lighting for pathways, trees and gardens, use fountain lights in the pool and add a few Tiki torches for the island resort experience. You can set any mood with the right lighting!

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