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by Pool Builders on 07-21-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools have been the part of our culture society for such a long time even though they seem to be taken as nothing but a mere luxury item in our today's world. The very first of swimming pools was built in Mohenjo-Daro in the 3rd B.C. Thus for something that seems very modern ahs been around for a very long time.

In our today's' world are rather very common. It can be found in many types, shapes and sizes, they can be found in hotels, resorts, in homes of people, publically in gymnasium. There are the private pools, which are smaller than the public pools, both built in or above the ground. Where as public pools are parts of leisure center or gymnasium, open to public. Competition pools are generally heated and indoor and so are the Exercise pools. Hot tubs and spa pools are increasing attraction of spas and saloons all over the word. Ocean pools were increasingly built in Australia, there are currently 100 ocean pools in New South Wales and an Olympic sized ocean pool in Newcastle. Where as natural pools and ponds were first made in Europe.

They are not only used for swimming but for playing a number of sports and ever since swimming was added in Olympic sports, swimming pools have increased dramatically. They are now used for synchronized swimming, underwater Hockey, water polo, canoe polo, also used for survival techniques and astronaut training. They need to be given the highest amount of sanitation, making it clean of all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Chemicals such a chlorine and bromine are used.

Today, are common through out the world. The tallest can be found in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is 200 meters of evaluation which is approximately 55 stories. Ocean Dome located in Miyazaki is the world's largest indoor swimming pool, 300 meters long and 100 meters wide. Nemo 33 in Belgium is the deepest depth swimming pool ever made.
Even in Hotels all around the world, They are an increasing attraction. Crown Towers Hotel in Macau has the magnificent indoor pool with an amazing view. Bur-al-Arab in Dubai has the most Arabian inspired indoor swimming pool ever, with all details in the right place it appears to be a stolen piece of Arabian Nights tale. Golden Nugget in Las Vegas also has an aspiring indoor swimming pool. Adler Dolomiti Spa and Sport Resort in Italy has an amazing outdoor swimming pool with the view of the Alps. Ubud Hanging Garden in Bali also has a set of ascending pools which give a majestic overall view of the gardens.

, can be found through out history, in all empires. Many of us don't realize that something which is shimmering outside our back door has been around for such along time. A truly ingenious development of everyday lavishness.

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