Swimming Pools Make Property More Attractive to Potential Tenants

by Pool Builders on 02-25-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool at home adds to it a touch of class and a whole lot of convenience. You do not need to go to crowded public swimming pools to cool off in the scorching summers or to give yourself a good workout. Having a swimming pool sounds cool but maintaining it involves time and money. Swimming pool sanitation is a major issue for swimming pool owners to maintain acceptable quality of water. Proper sanitization is required to prevent transmission of infectious diseases and maintain the visual clarity of water. A dirty swimming pool is not a very pleasing sight. Swimming pool cleaners are just the tool you need to maintain a clean and healthy pool.

There are three types of swimming pool cleaners based on the mechanism of cleaning they involve. They cater to the varying needs and budgets of pool owners.

Suction pool cleaners: Perhaps the most popular and economical type of cleaners. The mechanism of cleaning involves a hose that is attached to a skimmer or side port in the pool. Suction is generated in the hose from the pool pump. The cleaner collects and puts debris in the pool filter by moving around the pool in random patterns. Though it does not work well in getting rid of leaves, it is easy to maintain and install. The suction is dependent on the pressure from the filter as it comes between the cleaner and the pump, so the filter must be kept clean at all times.

Pressure pool cleaners: They are expensive but work more efficiently. With its own filter bag it avoids clogging the pool filter. The hose from the cleaner is connected to the pool return, which is the place where water flows from the pool filter into the pool. The cleaner works with the help of an additional pump connected through another pipe which forces water pressure to the cleaner. The two way water pressure works to create a vacuum and propels the cleaner around the pool. Dirt and debris are thus collected in the cleaner's internal filter. It also distributes filtered water in the pool. Pressure cleaners are more difficult to install as it has a lot of attachments.

Automatic, or robotic, pool cleaners: The most efficient and expensive type of pool cleaner, they are a totally stand-alone cleaning system. They need their own power source provided from power sockets at home. They have their own filtration unit and don't attach to the pool filter or pump in any away. They are portable and run on timers or have remote controls. They are thrown into the pool whenever cleaning is required and taken out as soon as it's done.

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