Swimming Pools May Be Different But Pool Safety Is Same For All

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2012 in Articles

Once you have decided to have a pool the next word that must come to your mind should be pool safety. You may have pools matching to your home, your taste and ideas. Pools may be different but pool safety is same for all.

Pool safety is extremely important as we have children, old people, pets at home. Imagine you are busy in the kitchen hub, while the birthday child walks straight to pool!

Have a color pool fence matching to your pool. It should adhere to safety standards. Many toddlers and kids are fond of pool, without knowing the risk factors associated to it. A proper gate with child proof latch assures you safety from toddlers encroachment.

Whether it is a brick wall fence or grass fence safety is the key word. Make sure the tiles around the pool area is not slippery. Imagine the disasters waiting for you after a slippery fall!You cannot afford to have casualties at home everyday.

Try to improve the visibility around the pool area. Cut down unnecessary trees and plants that prevent the visibility around the pool. You won't be able to patrol seven days around pool area. Have adequate pool covers when not in use.

Keep a first aid kit ready. Clean the debris in your beautiful pool twice a week. If the pool is covered with plants and leaves you may not notice the pool and have chance to walk over it.

Always train the elder children at home to look for busy kids and toddlers. Elderly people should not be allowed to walk alone by the pool side. Many major accidents in this seven continents are happened by inadequate pool safety.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding a pool fence is that homeowners need it only during the summer months when they're using the pool on a daily basis and a small child is spending large amounts of time out at the pool. The unfortunate reality is that a drowning can happen at any time of the year. In fact, statistics show that most accidents do not happen when the family is outside using the pool, but rather when a door leading to the swimming pool is accidentally left open or when a small child opens the door and walks outside.

That scenario is most likely to result in a tragic accident. What further adds to the likelihood of an accident happening is the fact that during the cooler months of the year the windows and doors are MORE likely to be open than during the very hot summer months. When summer ends and fall begins and when winter ends and spring begins people like to open their doors and windows and this is when a tragic accident is likely to occur.

Take care of your pool very well. Never allow children to play around pool during rainy seasons. You can prevent many accidents by these safety tips.

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