Swimming Pools Melbourne: The Process of Building a Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools in Melbourne have become a necessity. Most well-appointed homes in this populous city are equipped with well-designed family pools. However, building your family's dream pool is not at all easy as everything has to be undertaken following all the process necessary to ensure success.

Swimming pools in Melbourne are constructed after a series of meetings between the contractor and the pool owner. It is crucial that all aspects of the pool construction process are discussed in details to ensure the best quality and excellent results. Having a close working relationship with your chosen builder along with the construction crew is beneficial to ensure that no one is out of the loop with regards to all the aspects of building your dream family pool.

After doing a survey on the area, the company's engineer will make a layout and present the sketches to the client. The detailed plan includes the following important points;

  • Map and point of reference and basis for all calculations
  • Steel plans for reinforcement
  • Concrete plans and appropriate materials to use
  • Hydraulic plans and devices to install
  • Thematic features and enhancement

All these information need to be lodged at the Local Council for approval before a swimming pool contractor can commence work starting with the construction crew doing the excavation. The next process would be steel fixing following the approved steel plans and taking into consideration the markings for plumbing provisions. The plumbing will need to go through the concrete and this includes the water features, solar provisions, pool returns, pool suctions, spa, blower lines, etc. After this process, concreting follows and once finished external plumbing works will then start.

The next stage of the swimming pool building process is adding water features that you desire. Once all have been completed, your chosen contractor will then advise you that a private certifier has to inspect and approve the fence so they can start the pebbling process. This is a process of spraying pebble onto the concrete. It functions as a sac inside your pool that works to prevent leaks.

Once the swimming pool construction is completed, your pool builder will then arrange the schedule for cleaning before you can use the pool. Everything has to be cleaned from the pool's filtration system and equipment, chlorinator, walls before starting up the pump.

Whether you're looking to build a large swimming pool, a small pool for your kids, a lap pool or a pool equipped with hydro massage features, ensure that you choose the best builder. Swimming pools Melbourne are not just built to get the kids or adults out of the heat. They are mostly constructed and designed with a purpose. It is an investment that can increase the value of your property as well as a very stunning addition to your home for your family to enjoy. And because the type, style and design of your swimming pool tell a lot about your taste and personality, consider having a customized swimming pool in your backyard. Give yourself and your family a perfect place to retreat after a tiring day.

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