Swimming Pools Sarasota Fl - Staying Safe Around Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2013 in Articles

Most homeowners see their swimming pool as "a memory maker." Whether you're swimming or just relaxing by the water, your pool will create thousands of fond memories of babies, children, teenagers and adults, all having fun with friends and family.
Yet in all this delight, we must remember that a has risks, just like anything else in your home. At Fountain Pools & water Features, we take pool safety very seriously. That's why we've taken steps to ensure that our pools meet or exceed all state and federal pool safety laws, including the recently passed Virginia Graeme Baker Act.
Swimming Pools Sarasota Fl - Homeowners will be glad to know that the industry has made great strides in improving the safety of. Non-slip surfaces reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Fences and alarms add another layer of protection. (Most cities, in fact, have specific requirements for fencing around a swimming pool.)
Swimming lessons have played a major role in improving the safety of swimming pools. In fact, specialized swimming lessons are now recommended for infants that are as young as six months old. Here is a fascinating video that shows how a fully-clothed, unsupervised toddler falls into a and instinctively saves himself from drowning. Brought to you by Infant Swimming Resources, ISR is one of many such organizations that promotes early "drown-proofing" of babies and children.
Dual Drains - New pools should have a second drain opening at least 3 feet away from the primary drain opening. This greatly reduces the suction on either of the two drains, reducing the chance of entrapment. It's possible to upgrade an older single-drain pool to dual drains. However, it requires fairly extensive cutting into the interior plaster or aggregate finish. Therefore, most homeowners should not consider converting to dual drains except as part of a pool remodel or renovation project.
Safety Vacuum Release System - When a drain becomes blocked, the SVRS provides a rapid vacuum release. This quickly frees anyone whose body or limb is trapped on the drain. This is a good potential safety upgrade for an older pool that only has one drain. Contact us or any local pool service company if you want to add this upgrade to your pool.
Southwest Florida Pool Builders - Anti-Entrapment Drain Covers - These specially designed drain covers distribute the suction into a "safe zone," making it nearly impossible for anyone to become entrapped. Standard on all new pools, these can also be retrofitted to most older swimming pools. Important -- you should never let anyone enter a that has a loose or missing drain cover. If you see a problem with your drain cover, you should close the pool and notify your builder or local pool service company right away.

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